Medicare v. Medicaid is why Horace Nye should remain public

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Of course this creates a problem for the residents of this county for two basic reasons: We are a poor county, and most of our residents will be dependent on Medicare/Medicaid for their long term care needs. If they can't find a bed here, they could end up very far away from here. Albany County is proof of this, with many of their residents having to go out of state to find beds that accept Medicaid.

It was interesting to read the Editorials in both the Times of Ti and also the Valley News stating that it would be in the best interest of Essex County to sell the Horace Nye. How they made this determination I would like to know. What facts do they have to base this decision on? Have any of them ever had a family member in need of Nursing Home care? Have they ever been in the Horace Nye Home? Have they done any research pertaining to this critical decision other than reading the Board of Supervisors minutes?

Essex County has a budget that exceeds over 100 million dollars per year. Within this budget there are many programs that we the taxpayers support that are not mandated. Education, Public Safety, Jail, Office for the Aging, Fish Hatchery, Highways, Public Health, Mental Health, Arts, Cooperative Extension, Industrial Development, Libraries, Social Service Programs, and the list goes on and on! So out of this $100million plus budget, what does our County Manager recommends that we rid ourselves of The Horace Nye Home. Through the years this home has served thousands of residents of Essex County for one reason: It's is needed! This home costs the average taxpayer around $30.00 per year on their property tax bill. I as both a member of the Board of Supervisors, and also as a taxpayer feel that this is well worth the expense.

In closing, another quote from Abraham Lincoln, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Essex County needs the Horace to remain public, and owned and supported by the residents of this county.


Tom Scozzafava

Supervisor, Town of Moriah

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