Turning Back the Pages

The question is, do they live here or are they just passing through? Similar to “Bigfoot,” they are elusive creatures. I have seen big paw prints in the snow in my own backyard that has made me wonder just what had been there.

In December of 2010 a cougar was sighted in a Lake George backyard and employees of DEC followed his tracks to an area near Truesdale Hill Road, just south of Warrensburgh, where they collected hair samples for DNA analysis. Later a 140 pound male cougar was killed by a car in Milford, Connecticut and it turned out to be the same animal. Its genetic markers indicated the animal had made the long walk to the Adirondacks from South Dakota. It is possible, however, that Mr. Beach could have been attacked by a ferocious bob-cat, also known as a lynx, which can weigh as much as forty pounds. We will never know for sure.)

Old flag replaced

The old flag that has floated on the top of the Masonic building since Feb. 12, 1912, three days after the work had started on the removal of the building in Glens Falls to its new location on Glen Street, has been torn to ribbons by the wind and has been replaced by a new flag.

The old flag was loaned by Colonel G. Frank Bryant to the Masonic Club on Lincoln’s birthday. It has been owned by him since 1888 when he used it in the Benjamin Harrison campaign which was conducted in this county by the Harrison-Morton Club, of which he was president. The flag had only twenty-five stars as there was but twenty-five states in the union at that time.

The scenes of activity of the Harrison-Morton Club in this county were around Lake George where a log cabin was built by Colonel Bryant as the emblem of Harrison. This was the same emblem that Harrison’s grandfather, William Henry Harrison had used in his presidential campaign before he became the ninth president of the United States.

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