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Wildcat attacks man, injures horse

Louis Napoleon Beach, a former Warrensburgh man, who is now employed in Harry Raymond’s livery stable at Riverside, while driving from North River to Hooper’s Mines late in the afternoon one day recently, had a thrilling adventure with a wildcat which has been hanging around that section all winter.

Mr. Beach was driving a pair of horses belonging to his employer, hitched to a light wagon. As they passed under a large pine tree, about three miles from North River, he heard a noise in the branches and down into the wagon dropped the big cat. The horses became frightened and bolted while the driver was struggling with the animal.

Mr. Beach attacked the cat with the butt of his horse whip, but this only served to enrage the fury of the creature and it clawed and bit, making several ugly wounds in the unfortunate man. The horses made a sudden jump to one side of the road which dislodged the cat from the wagon and thoroughly maddened, the team ran wildly toward the village of Garnet. As they came to the house of R.J. Bennett, they bolted into his barnyard where they stopped so suddenly that Mr. Beach was thrown to the ground.

After he was somewhat recovered he went into the house where Mrs. Bennett dressed the wounds inflicted by the cat. The attack has greatly stirred up the people of that section. One of the horses, valued at $250, was badly injured and will probably have to be shot.

Note…A wildcat is also known as a cougar, mountain lion, puma, catamount, panther, painter, etc. and the DEC would have us believe that they have not lived in the Adirondacks since the late 1800s, although there continues to be many reported sightings of them by reliable people.

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