Try to Remember, it’s a kids game

Kids Count

Still, many researchers insist that the focus on winning may still be the number one reason that kids drop out of organized sports. It has been long known that some young athletes will not do well in a sports environment where adults put too much emphasis on winning at too young an age. Even our most elite athletes have demonstrated that not everyone develops at the same rate.

Perhaps the most remarkable example might be Michael Jordan though there are many others. Can anyone imagine a coach so blind that he would actually cut Jordan, the greatest basketball player to ever grace the court?

Soon those much anticipated words “play ball” will be spoken in children’s baseball games near you. We won’t know if there is a future professional player or more importantly a future area coach on the field. What we do know is that sometimes adults can ruin or greatly diminish the game for young and impressionable players.

Please remember, when you are at sporting events that it is there game, there time, there chance to make the catch, to chest bump fellow players and to enjoy playing baseball. Don’t be that crazy, selfishly ignorant person who yells, screams and makes the game as much about them as the players.

It is not about you, out of control adult, it is about them, let them play.

At least some players are in the process of trying to decide if they will quit or play. Don’t be one of the reasons they decide to quit. Instead, be one of the reasons they decide to play.

Give the players, coaches and umpires the respect that they have earned through the many hours of practice in preparation to be in the game.

Remember, all kids count.

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