Douglas wants Horace Nye debate about facts, not name-calling

Richard Tromblee of Moriah Corners talks with Moriah Supervisor Tom Scozzafava during the April 2 Essex County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Richard Tromblee of Moriah Corners talks with Moriah Supervisor Tom Scozzafava during the April 2 Essex County Board of Supervisors meeting. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— The Chairman of the Essex County Board of Supervisors wants a little decorum.

Jay Supervisor Randy Douglas said that while he appreciates debate over the potential sale of the Horace Nye Nursing Home, some of the mud-slinging had to stop.

Douglas spoke to the members of the board and those in the audience, saying he felt personal attacks were not helping the dialogue of a very serious matter.

“To say that we do not care for our seniors, veterans or communities is just plain wrong,” Douglas said. “Everyone in your communities knows what you do and how hard you work for them. I do not think that the personal attacks are appropriate. To label someone on this board based on how they vote is ludicrous. All of the personal attacks are wrong.”

Douglas also had harsh words for a guest viewpoint printed in the Valley News, written by Barbara Paye of Willsboro.

“To say that we do not answer e-mails or respond to the needs of our constituents is wrong,” Douglas said in response to a statement by Paye. “I am hearing from them daily. I have answered every e-mail and every phone call.”

Moriah Supervisor Tom Scozzafava added that it would be nice to also hold public hearings on the metter before a final vote was cast.

“I think that it is only fair that we hear from our constituents,” Scozzafava said. “Not only have all the other counties that have gone through this had public hearings, but they have held them at different sites within the county.”

Douglas also took exception with another part of the letter by Paye:

“If you all vote to sell the Nursing home can we expect that the county salaries of every Essex County Supervisor and the County Manager will decrease by the proportion of the no longer present Horace Nye Budget since it will no longer be a concern to you or part of your responsibility that you get paid for overseeing?”

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bobbibrad76 3 years, 4 months ago

Yes, Randy Douglas, as well as the Supervisors of Willsboro, Schroon Lake and Moriah were the only ones to reply to me, and Mr. Douglas did reply each time I corresponded with him.

Yes, emotions are high and on both sides I might add, but I do not believe that we are distorting the facts, so we are probably at a stalemate with many of the Sujpervisors justifying their position and many taxpayers offering a decenting view.

I still stand by my thought that if this Board of Supervisors or those that served before them had put as much energy into solving the cost issues associated with Horace Nye's Deficit, we would not be facing the action they are about to take. This sale remains the easy way out, and whether Mr. Douglas or any other supervisor care to admit it, they are not giving consideration to what they are going to do with all the medicaid eligible senior "baby-boomers" that will need nursing home care in the future and will be turned away by Private Nursing Homes in record number. That is a fact and not a distortion. Are the Supervisors prepared to provide more community services to keep those individuals in their homes? Certainly nothing has been printed in their minutes that they are problem solving along those lines.

And it is too bad that Mr. Douglas takes exception to my suggestion that the Board of Supervisors and the County Manager take a cut in their County Salary, but that is just plain Economics 101. If you are an employee and a major chunk of your responsibilities are removed, don't you think your salary would be reduced. And furthermore, shouldn't the purchase price of the nursing home go back into the County reserve fund that the Supervisors have been whining that they have been spending down to cover the Nursing Home deficit so they didn't have to raise taxes too much in past years? While this government in the United States is undoubtedly one of the best, we also know, that government isn't perfect; and it needs citizens who aren't afraid to speak out. I'm sorry if Mr. Douglas is so sensitive. I'm pretty sensitive too about what is going to happen to my Dad when the Horace Nye Home becomes privatized,


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