County to seek higher price tag for Horace Nye

Bid price will not be sole factor in sale

The Horace Nye Nursing Home in Elizabethtown.

The Horace Nye Nursing Home in Elizabethtown. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

Finance issues

Supervisors also discussed the shortfall in revenue at the facility.

“It still bothers me that we lose $2-3 million and if we are going to sell this, how are they are going to break even or make a profit,” Schroon Supervisor Michael Marnell said.

“We are not in the nursing home business and I do not believe the county should be in the nursing home business,” Douglas said.

“We are in the business of watching out for all of our residents, and that is why I support keeping the nursing home,” Morrow countered.

“I have been here a lot of years and things have changed, but some of our responsibility is to help those that cannot help themselves,” Scozzafava said. “You need a safety net out there somewhere. I am just saying that some of these services we are morally obligated to give to the residents.”

Scozzafava also said there are other areas he felt should be looked at.

“Have we talked about getting out of the college business,” he questions. “We are in that for about $2 million per year and we are not in the college business. The list goes on and on.”

Report coming

County Manager daniel Palmer said his report on the Horace Nye Home will be coming shortly.

“I am well into the report and it addresses every question that is out there,” Palmer said. “Everything that is being talked about will be answered in that report.”

Palmer also added that the initial plan for the home was for it to be profitable.

“The home was set up as an enterprise fund, which means that it is supposed to pay for itself,” Palmer said. “We have been $21,000,700 short of that since 2001. It becomes unsustainable and at what point do you decide that you are going to stay in the business or completely shut the doors.”

Even though Palmer reported that Marcus and Millichap had received the new bids from the three businesses: Centers for Specialty Care out of New York City; Gerald Woods CPA, out of Nassau County; and Elliot Management Group out of Rockland County; the resolution gives them until April 9 before the bids will be reviewed.

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