Agrees with ‘sharks’ piece

To the Valley News:

I enjoyed your editorial. I was overjoyed when the APA and The Adirondack Club and Resort finally came to an agreement. This has been a long process (8 years) and it was good to see compromise by both parties. Isn't this what we all have been waiting for for years?

Finally feeling like the APA is working with developers or groups who are trying to pump some new life into a struggling area of the state. Instead of feeling like the APA is bullying us, as in the past, it seems as though thy are seeing that some economic development is good for the future of this area.

If we are not at least somewhat progressive to try to maintain an economic base in the park we will be left with nothing, which includes no amenities for visitors.

A new project like this doesn't even begin to replace all the businesses that have disappeared in the park over the last 75 years.

As for the Sierra Club, go back from which you came and let Adirondackers take care of our own business.

Paul Stephens,


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