Turning Back The Pages

•100 Years Ago – Oct. 1911•

(Note: For many years this couple had lived in Winona, Minn., with Mrs. Wyman’s sister, Miss Louise Crosby who died in 1910. She was a native of Lake George and her body was brought back there to be buried in the family plot in the village cemetery. The Crosbyside Hotel was originally called the Lake George Young Ladies’ Institute in 1855 before it was later renamed The United States Hotel. It stood at the head of Lake George and accommodated 200 guests. The hotel even had its own stage which picked up guests at the railroad station in Glens Falls. The building was destroyed in 1901 by fire. In 1903, buildings at the site were deeded to Mary Fuller,who founded Wiawaka House, a retreat for women, including those employed in the garment industry in the Troy region. Today, it is known as the oldest continuously operating women’s retreat in the U.S.)

Ate some, brought some home

A party of six consisting of J.H. and W.C. Roberts, J.F. Beckwith, Leslie and Julius Tripp — all of Warrensburgh — and Melvin Baker of Darrowsville, Chestertown, returned from the Sam Hayes flow in Hamilton County, bringing with them six deer, having eaten one in camp, making seven they captured. They were at camp for a week with James Middleton employed as a guide. While they were in the woods, six inches of snow fell.

Panther’s whiskers singed twice

Hotel Carson at Schroon River in the town of North Hudson was destroyed by fire on Oct. 12, 1911. It stood on the site of Root’s Hotel, once conducted by Edward Owens of Warrensburgh and burned in the 1890’s.

A mounted panther adorned the office of the old Root Hotel and also that of Hotel Carson. Curiously enough, this panther was saved from fire in both buildings by Samuel Duntley of North Hudson. It is the largest mounted specimen of a panther in the Adirondacks, if not in the state. (Note: Is it possible that the mounted panther is still in the area? If you have any information, call me.)

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