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•100 Years Ago – Oct. 1911•

Motorcar hits youth in transit

Albert Winslow of Luzerne and a companion were riding along the Corinth Road in a farm wagon. The boy jumped from his seat into the path of the automobile of R.J. Linehan of Glens Falls. He was struck by the machine and rendered unconscious.

Mr. Linehan was traveling along behind the wagon at a rate of about 15 miles an hour and had twice blown his horn in warning that he was about to pass. Young Winslow leaped from the wagon when the automobile was about 10 feet away. The unconscious boy was placed in Linehan’s automobile and taken to Glens Falls Hospital where it was found that he had no broken bones.

Hotel builder succumbs

Frank Jalet, 37, a native of Whitehall, died suddenly of heart disease Oct. 31, 1911. He had taken two ladies out in his automobile to inspect some real estate property for sale and he stepped out of the machine to assist them when he reeled and fell to the ground unconscious. He was dead before a physician arrived. His remains were taken to Whitehall for burial.

Mr. Jalet was formerly a carpenter and contractor. About 1896 he and his father, the late John Jalet of Whitehall, built the new Adirondack Hotel in Warrensburgh. (Note: This big hotel, later called Colonial Arms, stood where Rite Aid stands today. The pharmacy’s facade has a few cues of the original hotel’s architecture.)

Crosby family member dies

William H. Wyman of Omaha, Nebraska, died in that city Oct. 7, 1911. He was born in Canton, N.Y. and leaves a widow, the former Miss Maude Crosby of Lake George, who is the only surviving member of the family of Francis G. Crosby, once proprietor of the Crosbyside Hotel and one of the most highly respected citizens of Lake George. Mr. Wyman had been in the business of fire insurance since 1854, associated with Aetna Insurance.

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