Sole assessor not a vendetta

Guest Viewpoint - Decision for the good of Crown Point

Over the past several years I watched our school struggle at budget time making many very difficult decisions. A large number of position cuts were required before the district could present a budget that its taxpayers would accept. I became a news fanatic and watched the stock market closely. I listened as state and federal jobs were being cut so that budget costs could be held down. I listened and watched people in our own community struggle to survive. It was disheartening to know how many people we have on fixed incomes, some with less than $900 a month to live on.

Making this decision was not easy, but I had to do what I felt was right for everyone. I knew my decision would not be popular to some. However, I did not ask to be voted into this office to win a popularity contest. I was voted in to do the best I could do for the future of our community. I believe that is what I did when I moved to go to sole appointed assessor.

My only regret is how the angry response from a handful of disgruntled people has affected not only this community but my family as well. They should not have been subjected to the anger stirred up by those thinking of only their own selfish interests at the expense of the health and well being of the town as a whole.

Robert Patnode Jr. is a Crown Point town board member.

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