Please give animals a break

To the Times of Ti:

On Sept. 25 my husband and I were heading home when the vehicles in front of us came to an abrupt stop. We were just past the entrance to Moses Ludington Hospital, heading south.

There was an obvious obstacle in the road as the traffic also backed up behind us. A woman exited from the front-most car, returned to it and the vehicle steered to the right to go forward. So also did the vehicle in front of us. This is when we saw a fairly large turtle (probably a snapper) that was just over the yellow lines heading toward the hospital lawn area.

This animal was large enough to be very visible to alert drivers since it was before 7 p.m. and still light out. My husband pulled our motorcycle over to the curb and exited the bike to attempt to move the turtle off the road. I heard his yell of dismay and a very loud crack at the same time. The vehicle that ran over the turtle continued on its way as I pointed and yelled to them down the road, around the monument and off downtown.

My husband moved the suffering and mangled turtle to the side of the road and expressed anger and disappointment for hours after we returned home.

I hope, Mr. and Mrs. Driver, that you do not encounter any other animals, including small children (there are many sizes and colors) on any other roadway since you obviously have no conscience about killing things smaller than yourselves. Had you cared enough to turn around and revisit the scene I would have no issue with you or others like you.

I have also witnessed the lack of caring of another, who, behind the wheel of a large vehicle, showed the uglier side of the human race on Baldwin Road quite recently. The dogs are OK and I guess you know who you are – I do and so do the local police. Please give animals on the road a break when you have a choice – its their world too.

Michele Gautreau, Hague

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