Concerned about hydro-fracking

To the Editor:

Thank you for the wonderful cartoon about hydrofracking in the Sept. 17, issue of The Valley News. The more we see the word “fracking” the better, and the more we learn about the hydrofracking process, better yet.

Daily we are now exposed to the self-serving ads being run by the gas companies, telling us how safe this process is. Don’t believe it. Instead, see the documentary “Gasland,” which shows many of the dreadful consequences of gas extraction. Or read the series about fracking which ran in The New York Times. (visit www.nytreprints.com).

The ads tell us how deep the gas is, way away from our water. They don’t tell us that the millions of gallons of wastewater which resurface after fracking contain known carcinogens and chemicals we are not even privy to know, plus radioactive elements such as radium and uranium from deep in the earth. Most of this wastewater is sent to sewage treatment plants not designed to remove radioactive materials and neutralize dangerous carcinogens. It is then discharged into our rivers and streams. The risk of dangerous pollution of the public water supply, on a monumental scale, frightens me. There are not strict rules in place. We cannot trust the gas industry to tell us the truth, and if the EPA is emasculated, as is probable, our watchdogs will be fewer.

Information on fracking, especially now that the report issued by New York’s environmental agency has been issued, is important to all of us. You can contact Common Cause NY (CauseNet@commoncause.org), Water Rangers (rangers@cleanwaternotdirtydrilling.org) or the League of Women Voters for more information.

The gas companies have not had their way yet, but Gov. Cuomo and the Legislature will be acting soon. It will be a shame if we allow our politicians to risk the health of so many of our citizens for short-term financial gains. Call or write the governor and our legislators, Betty Little and Teresa Sayward, if you feel as I do that fracking, as it is practiced now, is way too dangerous for New York to allow.

Mona White, Willsboro

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