Voters have responsibilities

Through our failure to use that vote responsibly or even to turn out in larger numbers to vote, our democracy loses strength slowly and insensibly thus ending up with the sword at our throats.

By our failure to hold public officials (elected or appointed) to term limits by way of the vote, sooner or later you’ll end up with a board, council or other offices that become more interested in the status quo then caring about change. Favoritism, nepotism and corruption will ensue. It is, unfortunately, human nature and needs to be nipped long before the bud starts growing. Don’t end up with the sword at your throat by your own doing!

As an outsider and independent I feel less likely to participate in town elections when I see the same people repeatedly getting re-elected. I’ve sat in on several board meetings and have often wondered why some of the members are there for decades. Why is it that in a town of nearly 2,000 people, the voters seem to think that only a handful should hold office? This serves the people of Crown Point poorly and gives undue advantage to the chosen few and their friends and families. Public service jobs or appointments should not be allowed to turn into careers.

The people, by their vote, are ultimately responsible for how this nation and this little town fare. When we vote for the same people decade after decade (local, state or national) we are not voting responsibly nor is the democratic process well served (need I mention the U.S Congress as an example).

Every elected or appointed official should have the intent, decency and courage to set their own term limits. And when they fail to do so after holding office for two or three terms at most by showing no desire or intent to leave office and not seek re-election then it is up to the voters to term limit them via the vote. Will this likely happen in November?

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