Voters have responsibilities

To the Times of Ti:

We could let the (Crown Point) town board decide the issue of a single assessor or we could have put it to a public vote. The board acted within their right to go to a single assessor.

The vote is a double edged sword used to make choices or can be used to cut our throats. Making the same choices in election after election is certainly the right of voters but there are consequences, not all of them good.

The primary use of the vote should be to strengthen and not weaken democracy. If the issue had been put to a vote, likely nothing would have changed. I doubt that single assessor would have had a chance. More emotion than thought would have driven the vote. Thus, again, the continuous voting for the same assessors would have weakened the democratic process in Crown Point. This issue is now decided and is history. Now on to the November election.

Edward Gibbon in his “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” frequently uses the term “insensibly” (syn: unaware, unconscious) to describe various aspects of the demise of that empire. He meant to convey that decisions were and were not made that had the slow effect of rotting the empire from within. We are inclined to believe that the Roman Empire was crushed by the barbarians and other enemies but that was after the rot had set in making for fairly easy pickings. I have increasingly felt that this same process has been afoot in the USA. Now, few of the Romans had any voting rights and there was no democracy, but we have a democracy and voting rights. Are we going to use that vote in November to strengthen democracy?

Now Crown Point and it’s problems are tiny in comparison to the national problems of the USA or the Roman Empire. But, the rot that may take down the USA in the end starts at home. We need to use our voting power to promote change and fairness for all the citizens of this town and not to favor the few.

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