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To the Times of Ti:

A number of folks in the community shared their support of the editorial I recently wrote concerning the traditional definition of marriage being desecrated by our New York legislature and governor as they ramrodded through same-sex marriage without the consent of the thinking public (and it appears one of the motivating factors was to help our failing economy by bringing in added revenue!).

As I write to you, the National Organization for Marriage has completed four amazing rallies in New York, as nearly 10,000 took to the streets to claim their right to vote on the marriage issue! In NYC alone, approximately 6,000 demonstrators showed up in what the Wall Street Journal called “impressive” and “the biggest demonstration we can remember seeing in the neighborhood.” It’s obvious from demonstrations like this that voters still believe in marriage!

There’s a reason why American voters have rejected same-sex marriage at the ballot box 31 times in a row – even in blue states like California, Oregon and Maine!

The 31st was North Carolina, who just this past week voted to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot in 2012 to put the future of marriage in the hands of the people (not just the lawmakers). Both the House and the Senate approved the measure with the constitutionally required 3/5ths majority, referring the marriage amendment to the voters of the state.

Don’t believe all the slanted polls touting Americans as supportive of same-sex marriage. In both NOM polls and ABC News polls in New York and Minnesota, when pollsters were asked whether they supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman, anywhere from 57 - 65 percent supported traditional marriage!

For this reason, NOM has launched a “Let the People Vote” campaign in New York. This plan would culminate in a state-wide vote to repeal same-sex marriage in the next two to three years. It is a process and will take time – but it is achievable! NOM has helped voters in both California and Maine overturn same-sex marriage laws forced on their states by politicians and judges, and are well on the way to repealing the same in New Hampshire and Iowa.

Several of you called or caught me somewhere and asked how we can overturn this travesty. Here is the address, phone number and website of this organization who are fighting for marriage: National Organization for Marriage, 2029 K Street NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20006 Phone: 888-894-2604 website: www.NationForMarriage.org

Betsi Calhoun, Schroon Lake

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