The answer is not foreign workers


Regardless of his personal beliefs, Shumlin can’t take an oath to uphold the laws of his state in one breath and then tell state troopers to look the other way in another.

At the same time, workers in this country who are not citizens — who do no possess a valid social security card and identification — bring their own host of problems with them.

From crushing impacts on our health care system to the inability to hold them accountable for taxes to skewing our census, the fact is problems arise when we factor migrant workers into the population.

That cannot be denied, wether you believe they belong here or not. Therefore, Shumlin should be working to change the system, not figuring out ways to circumvent it.

Finally, there is the argument that migrant workers take jobs away from citizens of this country. If that is truly not the case, then we have a much deeper problem.

With nearly one in 10 Americans without a job and workers needed in jobs being taken by those who do not reside here legally, than we have both a welfare system and work ethic that need changing.

This country was built on hard work by the unentitled; it is time we go back to that way of thinking. There is something very wrong with a society that pays its people not to work.

A solution to both our unemployment problem and our illegal immigrant problem would be to put our unemployed U.S. citizens in the jobs held by, as Shumlin put it, “guest workers” from outside the country.

Make it a condition of collecting an unemployment check each week that a citizen spend a certain number of hours working at a farm or other industry in need. Potential employers could be added to a list which could be distributed to those collecting unemployment.

This editorial is the collaborative opinion of a board comprised of Thom Randall, Fred Herbst, Lou Varricchio, Keith Lobdell, Jeremiah Papineau, Andy Flynn and John Gereau. Comments may be directed to denpubs@denpubs.com.

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