Re-enactors upset with Fort Ti

To the Times of Ti:

The story that was printed in the Times of Ti on July 30 about Fort Ticonderoga was just that a story. Now, here is the truth. While the 80 teachers that attended the educational seminar might have impacted the local economy ever so slightly, it did not impact it to the tune of $160, 000 as Beth Hill says.

As a matter of fact, much press that comes out of the fort these days is right from Ms. Hill and doesn’t have much truth to it. I am a seasonal resident of Ticonderoga and have been for many years. And yes, I am a re-enactor and originally started coming to the area for re-enactments at the fort, but I have come to love this area and its people and fear for the community and local establishments and think if we the people don’t do something about Beth Hill (executive director of Fort Ti )and Stuart Lillie (director of interpretation) we will not have a town of Ticonderoga.

The re-enactment in June of the French and Indian War wasn’t much of one. Although, we did not attend the event as re-enactors, we went to the fort that weekend to see the mess Ms. Hill created. First off, there was a smattering of British troops who were not part of any local units from the area (they were actually from a southern state) and also a smattering of French troops, maybe reaching a combination of 100 people. As for Native Americans, I saw two. The spectators for this event were not much more than the number of re-enactors. So, as far as impacting the economy, this event didn’t. I went to the local shops that usually were crowded and had a waiting lists to get in. They were empty.

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