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To the Editor:

I am writing to commend Denton Publications CEO Dan Alexander on his editorials, and specifically on his recent one, “Faith Family & Small Business” published Sept. 3. It is nice to read a serious editorial piece for local distribution. I am a part-year resident of Crown Point, and have noticed the pick-up in quality of editorials in Denton newspapers. One of the many attributes our area has lacked is leadership in journalism, and you seem to be on the way to supplying the needed remediation.

I do have some comments. I think you and Michael Moore are both wrong as to the start of our present slide. It was the oil crisis of 1973 and our non-reaction to it. As far as a blue law goes, great idea!

But isn't the real problem money in politics and the partisanship it breeds? I would be willing to include a blue law provision in any Constitutional amendment that outlaws all campaign funding, hard and soft, and requires all candidates to debate each other on NPR and PBS. In other words, only retail campaigning and the media debates (and blogs) would be allowed.

As far as our region is concerned, sad to say, it is clear that we lack the financial capital, and population base and mix for private enterprise to provide a reasonable number of decent jobs for our residents. The only possibilities for change are, as they have always been for us, government and tourism. I am always amazed when local residents complain about the size of government despite the fact that their economic well being largely depends on government spending here. This is a disconnect that a thoughtful editor might well want to address.

As for tourism, it is surprising how poorly our scenic and historic attractions are promoted. For example, the Crown Point Fort, were it to receive substantial capital, could be integrated into a larger historic attraction, including Fort Ticonderoga, and, perhaps other sites. If you have ever visited Fort Louisbourg in Nova Scotia, you will have seen what is possible. Imagine the local businesses and jobs that such a venture could create. Of course, this is a pipe dream.

The point is, we need a substantial infusion of capital here, and we cannot expect to get that without active government support. The fact is, tax holidays and the like do not really bring new capital into an area; they only attract bottom feeders, who soon leave once an even better opportunity arises.

No doubt you will say that advocating government spending goes against the temper of the times. Again, I see an opportunity for journalistic leadership.

Dick Irwin, Crown Point

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