Voter: Stop the insanity

To the Times of Ti:

My wife and I were listening to a country song by Charlie Pride called “Burgers and Fries.” One of the lines speaks of “the world we used to know.”

Older folks know to what I refer, a simpler time. We had our priorities straight then, but the world we live in today is insane. Running here and there, no time to pray, relax, or enjoy family and friends, a view or a daydream. Our children and many adults have their faces stuck in computers and Ipads. No one communicates face-to-face or with a phone call or writes a letter anymore.

Our country is spiraling out of control. We are asked by our politicians to accept insane premises such as when Nancy Pelosi famously said, referring to Obamacare, “We have to pass the bill in order to know what’s in it.”

Not to be outdone, Supervisor Kosmider voted on and passed a 400-page FEMA plan without reading it.

Another ploy used to pass legislation which might be unpopular if its contents are known is to go into crisis mode; “It has to pass now, no time to waste, ASAP.” Or just push it through as Supervisor Kosmider said, “Because we can!”

Primary day is Sept. 13. How ironic that Yvonne Dushane, who didn’t think we should have the right to vote for our assessors, now wants us to vote for her. Hypocrisy on parade.

In the simpler times referred to in Charlie Pride’s song, the U.S. and Crown Point were nicer places to live in. As of late, we have a lot of controversy, dissension and polarization among family, friends and acquaintances. Essentially, all this was caused by three people on the town board. You know who they are.

My wife and I moved here 21 years ago because we wanted to live the life we saw most of you living, not to change Crown Point into Long Island where we came from.

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