L.G. incumbents failed to provide oversight

To the Adirondack Journal:

The Town of Lake George has a severe lack of leadership! Follow the trend of some words quoted from the state Comptroller‘s Financial Condition report on the Town of Lake George, Jan. 2005-August 30, 2010. “Town officials…..commingled cash from these funds and pooled moneys to finance operations as needed…, did not provide effective oversight,…, did not fulfill their responsibility to prepare effective budgets,… did not monitor the Towns’ financial condition,… deficiencies resulted in cash flow shortfalls…, abuse of leave time…, the 2009 year-end fund balances to be overstated…, no approval for wage increases…, found the payroll clerk handled all aspects of the payroll process with no oversight…, failure of the Board and Town officials to implement proper controls.”

The list goes on and on in the 29-page document! All of the incumbents running in the 2011 election were part of the Town Board during much or all of this time frame. Our current Supervisor states, “By the time they [state audit team] left we had corrected 16 of the 17 recommendations. Since that time we have addressed them all and made the necessary changes.”

I believe it might constitute an official miracle to “correct” all of the deficiencies in four months that occurred over five years!

These incumbents failed miserably as elected officials! They did not work in the best interests of the people and businesses of Lake George! They are the problem! If you think it’s all been “fixed,” think again!

Change the climate of the current government in Lake George. Support candidates that are ready, willing, and capable of good governance! Please don’t miss voting in this critical upcoming primary Tuesday, Sept 13, from noon to 9 p.m.! It’s time for the incumbents to go! Vote for Dennis Dickinson and Marisa Muratori only!

Joanne Gavin, Lake George Citizens Group

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