Lake George leadership gets it done!

To the Adirondack Journal:

The letter written recently by Joanne Gavin to the Post Star has me totally confused.

Commingling of funds, which the writer refers to, is a crime. However, using that word implies to me that town money was commingled with personal monies, and that was not the case at all. No money was missing, and there was no personal gain. Therefore, it was not a crime.

As a matter of fact, it was like my car breaking down and I needed to get it repaired but the funds in my checking account were insufficient to pay the bill. To correct this problem, I call my wife and ask her to make a transfer from her checking account to mine so I could pay my repair bill — have I then committed a crime of fund commingling? Isn’t that in fact what the town did? But once a misleading statement like that is made, it can cast a shadow over the integrity of our town leaders.

She also raised criticisms over the state audit. But by the time the state audit team left, 16 of 17 of their “recommendations’ were corrected. We are talking about recommendations, and not violations.

Another thing the writer claims is that “they did not work in the best interest of the people and businesses of Lake George.” I’m a person and businessman, and along with others, know this is by far the nicest place to live. Frank has also asked me to serve on the committee to improve the gateway to Lake George from Northway Exit 21, into town. Public safety was his No. 1 concern with beautification to follow. His idea was to give it a natural glow making people feel welcome coming to Lake George.

The latest on this initiative is that our governor likes our plan, and that it may come to fruition sooner than we thought. Now that is caring for our town!

I do agree, however, with the letter writer that it is very important for all to come out and vote in this primary Tuesday Sept. 13.

Come to the town hall on Primary election day and support your leaders that have served you with honor, integrity, and hard work.

Vote Frank McCoy for Lake George Town Supervisor!

John H. Herzog, Lake George

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