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As part of my economic recovery program I would look to enact a national Blue Law insuring that every business is closed one out of the seven days with the exception of emergency services, communication, agricultural, recreational, and seasonal businesses as well as public services utilities. I would also double the IRS deduction given for contributions to a legitimate religious faith.

Small business

Small business is the engine of the country and represents over 80 percent of the nation’s businesses. They are repeatedly overlooked when it comes to government stimulus plans. Small business has given birth to some of our nations largest and most successful companies today.

Major firms and large businesses are large enough and sophisticated enough to fend for themselves in the world economy. It’s generally these big businesses that send jobs out of the country and focus on their profit first and foremost.

County, community and employment tend to be far down on their priority list. We need to invest government money in small businesses, reaching middle America, providing them a safe harbor to take the risks associated with a small business, weather the economy and provided our struggling communities with a stable and diverse local economy.

It’s estimated that approximately 13.9 million people are unemployed around the country today. There are over 6 million small businesses with more than one employee. If each small business was given a 150 percent tax credit for the entire amount of the wages paid for hiring an unemployed person we could put a serious dent in reducing the unemployment rate while greatly stimulating our local economies.

Any person launching a new small business would be eligible for low interest SBA loan for start up funds, given a three-year federal tax holiday as incentive to get off the unemployment rolls and encouraged to hire other unemployed persons.

Dan Alexander is publisher and owner of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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