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My plan starts with a summit of all active American Religions to discuss ways of working together to encourage a renewed interested in all faiths. America has slowly been turning away from God over the years and I believe those actions are taking its toll on our society. I’m not one who believes God is punishing the U.S. for such actions. I just firmly believe we need a benevolent God as the central figure in the structure of our society.

The concept of separation of church and state doesn’t mean the elimination of one over the other. Both play an important role and both are in current need of attention. Without church, state has no true moral compass. In order for there to be balance in our society each of us needs to recognize right from wrong. True faith gives each us greater control over the direction government takes. It becomes a balancing scale between the two and it’s what’s missing in our society today. One can not succeed without the other.


Recently I was sent an editorial written by filmmaker Michael Moore, who lamented that America’s downslide began when President Reagan fired the striking Air Traffic Controller in the early 1980s.

However, I think America’s downslide began about 10 years earlier in the early 1970s when Blue Laws were repealed. Blue Laws outlawed the opening of retail establishments on Sunday and the sales of alcoholic liquor products.

I recall prior to there removal, Sunday was a day when families and extended families got together after going to church services and enjoyed a big meal at grandma’s house. Sundays were set aside for church, family and special outings. Today Sunday is just another day. From where I sit, the Blue Laws provided the catalyst to help bring families together as two key attractions, shopping and alcohol, were taken out of play.

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