Lessons from Irene

Thoughts from Behind the Pressline

Tropical Storm Irene dealt our region a serious blow. The destruction is evident in every direction you look. While the flooding destroyed roads, bridges and wreaked havoc with basements and yards, it also served to highlight some very important issues.

Those not directly affected by the storm may argue that it was overhyped by our elected officials and media. We were all reminded of the destruction these storms can have even in areas that aren’t generally affected by tropical storms.

The warnings are given for a reason, and we are wise to listen and be prepared. Far better to be ready than to be caught off guard when we are given such advanced notice as we had with Irene. Lives were saved, and while some might have felt inconvenienced, the millions of inconveniences don’t add up to one life. We can be thankful more lives weren’t lost.

Second, our governor reaffirmed the confidence we’ve placed in his leadership of our state. His confident leadership has provided hope to those affected. He’s made good on his promises and he has demonstrated that he cares even about the smallest of communities.

Strong words like “Either wheels are going to roll or heads are going to roll” are both comforting to those affected and motivating to the many teams working around the clock to repair our infrastructure. In his short time in office, he has displayed the type of characteristics we’ve long to see in our elected leaders. To date he has made good on the budget and now navigating through this major crisis; his leadership is a welcome sight, and he’s come into office at a time when we need a strong leader.

The other major fact that has once again been so very evident in the past few weeks goes right to heart of what this country is all about. The American spirit is alive and well and is hard at work doing what we’ve always done supporting each other when our backs are against the wall. No bickering, no questioning of someone’s motives, political views, sexual orientation, religion, no concern for who makes how much or what is ones social position. None of that, just helping hands and hearts stepping forward to help carry the load, large or small.

Dan Alexander is publisher and owner of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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