Close relationships hurt sometimes

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As humans, we too injure each other, both unintentionally and sometimes intentionally. Though there might be quite a few that would argue this, I don’t believe that relationships are necessarily about a connection between two or more perfect people.

Honestly, is there really a perfect person that you know or have ever heard of?

Yes, there are quite a few people that are self important, always right, moralizing gas-bags, still, they are far from perfect. Ouch, could you feel my quills?

The lesson of the porcupine community is to accept that in close relationships there will be hurts along with minor and not so minor emotional injuries.

As humans, if we abandon every person that rubs us the wrong way or offends us with small insults or differences of opinion, we will all be very lonely.

In healthy relationships differences are often appreciated or even celebrated. What a boring and bleak world it would become if everyone held the same beliefs about everything.

My hope is that the human community can become as rational as the porcupine community, especially now that we are living in such a precarious time. Someday, our survival may depend on our ability to come together to support everyone in every community without regard to race, religion, political affiliation or economic status. So, keep your quills low and if someone’s quills get you, get over yourself, give them the benefit of the doubt, it may have been unintentional.

Remember, all kids count.

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