Stand up to bullies

To the Times of Ti:

I commend last week’s letter praising the anti-bullying program at Crown Point Central School. Unfortunately, the concluding comments about the escalation of political unrest in Crown Point were twisted and way off base.

The act of bullying leading to this escalation was the act committed by those in power against the citizenry. Specifically, the misuse of power by elected officials (Kosmider, Dushane, Patnode) in eliminating the right of Crown Point citizens to vote on an important local issue, and transferring this power to themselves. This was done with a brazen “because we can” attitude.

It is both the right and obligation of citizens to speak with outrage against this atrocity. The real question is how to explain to the children that our local government failed to protect their future right to vote. They had the ability to comply with the heartfelt pleas from the public to hold a referendum, but flagrantly declined to do so. We must show our children that when bullies cannot be reasoned with, they must be held accountable.

We have the opportunity and the power to do this on Election Day. My fellow Crown Point voters, please join me on Nov. 8 in standing up against the bullies who misused the power entrusted to them. We can do this by voting for Harrington, Mazurowski and Peters.

Karen Griffin, Crown Point

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