Sarah and the library are vital resources

To the Adirondack Journal:

Everyone knows Sarah Farrar.

She lives right there at the corner of Elm St. and Library Avenue. Okay, she does not actually reside there, but we all know she “lives” at Richards Library.

Her presence is inescapable, from the books she selects, to the programs she administers, to the displays she develops. We all depend on her to know the things we do not, or at least to know how to find out.

More importantly, Sarah Farrar knows us. She is a favorite of the preschool set with Miss Sarah’s Story Hour…truth be told, how many of us wouldn’t love to sit and listen to Sarah read a story to this day!

Our students know they can go to Sarah for research assistance after school, and the rest of us turn to Sarah for genealogical research, historical information or our next great read.

I know that big-box bookstores are currently appealing. You can have a cup of something that resembles coffee and browse, but have you ever gone in with something specific in mind and been able to find it? The big-box main objective is to sell books, and it is organized commercially. The big box does not care if you like what you eventually purchase because if you do not, it guarantees a return visit. If you are fortunate enough to have someone help you that does know something about books, chances are they will not be there on your return visit.

Right down the road at Richards Library, Sarah Farrar has selected materials specifically for our communities.

She is one of us.

She is always there. Sarah Farrar will help us find just the right book, and encourage us to try something new. If we don’t like it, we just bring it back and try another…it’s free.

In May, you are going to be asked to support the library referendum, isn’t it worth a nickel a day just to have Sarah Farrar on speed dial?

Elaine Cowin, Warrensburg

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