Football Picking Contest - Week 8

Tom’s Week 8 Picks:

New Orleans 42, St. Louis 9

Houston 24, Jacksonville 21

Carolina 27, Minnesota 23

Baltimore 20, Arizona 10

Tennessee 23, Indy 7

GIANTS 62, Miami 0

Detroit 27, Denver 9

Buffalo 28, Washington 7

Cincy 21, Seattle 10

New England 21, Pittsburgh 20

San Francisco 24, Cleveland 17

Philly 3, Dallas 0

San Diego 21, Kansas City 17

Maybe it’s because the Giants were off, but it sure seemed like a boring week off football. Pretty sad when Denver/Miami is the exiting game of the week. Even sadder watching the once-feared Colts again get humiliated in Prime Time.

It wasn’t a great weekend overall for our pickers, either. Ed Coats’ technique of making his picks based on his favorite birds and animals finally paid off with a week-leading 11-2 record. Still, Brian Freebern had another solid week at 9-4 to take a four-game lead going into Week 8.

There are some potentially great games coming up this weekend that’ll make picking tough. New England/Pittsburgh and Dallas/Philly both should be good battles, and even Minnesota/Carolina, Cleveland/San Francisco and San Diego at the suddenly not-too-crappy Chiefs could make for good viewing. Of course, The New York Football Giants, with five or six stars returning from injury, should have their way with the struggling Dolphins. It really is sad to see what ownership has done to the Miami franchise.

I’ll be urging the pilot to fly faster Sunday so I get home in time to watch the second half. GO BIG BLUE!!!

NFL Picking Contest Standings

Week 7 Overall

Brian Freebern 9-4 80-23

Jed Armstrong 8-5 76-27

Dan Freebern 9-4 76-27

John Santasier 7-6 74-29

Wade Wnuk 9-4 74-29

Fred Ohnmacht 9-4 73-30

Kathy TenEyck 9-4 73-30

Sam Grant 7-6 71-32

Tom Henecker 7-6 71-32

Scott Robbins 9-4 71-32

Chris Fink 9-4 71-32

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