Elect important to Crown Point

To the Times of Ti:

The town law manual states, “When a town board member votes on a proposal before a town board, he or she is representing, through that vote, the views of all of the residents of the town. It requires that they exercise careful consideration in making important decisions which will affect the lives of town residents and businesses.”

I, among many other Crown Pointers, feel that we have not been properly represented by the current majority of the current town board.

How do remedy this? We can remember in November. This election is the most important one Crown Point has faced in decades. This is our opportunity to show the power of the vote, a power that was stripped away from us by those that did not take the charge of representing all of the people seriously. We can choose to continue on our current path or we can choose a new path.

We have the chance to bring the town board back to one that works together for the good of the town by electing Charlie Harrington supervisor, re-electing Charlie Mazurowski and electing Tara Peters to town council. These three people understand that they will not always agree on the issues, but we can rest assured that there will be no personal attacks in the newspapers.

It’s time to bring Crown Point back together, please vote Nov. 8.

Wendy Ingleston, Crown Point

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