Bentley — an honest leader with integrity

To the Adirondack Journal:

Ralph Bentley is a fiscally responsible, soft spoken, honest politician with integrity. Wow, very unlike what we’ve become accustomed to in most of our political leaders. This is, of course, my opinion — but an opinion that has been formed over the past three to four years through regularly attending Horicon Town Board meetings.

I began attending these meetings to find out for myself what some folks meant when they said things like “Ralph doesn’t do anything,” or “we can do better.” By getting involved, I found a quiet leader working very effectively for our Town while contending with a sometimes cantankerous and uncooperative (for the sake of being uncooperative) few board members. I found Ralph to be making responsible decisions while keeping the Town and the taxpayers best interest first and foremost — not basing these decisions on what would get him elected again. Again, very unlike what we’ve become accustomed to.

Ralph is an intelligent, experienced force prepared to continue leading our town in the right direction. We can all do much better by getting involved so that we make our choices based on what we know to be true and realistic.

To quote a previous writer, “This is no time to experiment with leadership.” Vote for the man not the party. Independence — Ralph Bentley — Row E.

Jane B Smith, Adirondack, N.Y.

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