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To The Valley News:

At the Tea Party Express debate, Moderator Wolf Blitzer asked if under Ron Paul’s Libertarian philosophy, a sick man without insurance, should be allowed to die in the hospital rather than have the state pay his medical bills, before Paul could answer, shouts of “Yes” and cheering came from the audience.

The Bible gives strict warnings against taking advantage of the Poor and Downtrodden, ”He who oppresses the Poor shows contempt for their maker, but whoever is kind to the needy, Honors God.”

The Tea Party Republicans are outraged about their taxes paying for a man’s life, where were these Tea Party’ers when the previous administration started two unfunded wars (?), passed an unfunded prescription drug program (?), never complaining when the very wealthy were given huge tax breaks causing an enormous drain on our treasury resulting in trillions of dollars in the deficit.

Where were the Tea Party-ers then? Where were they??? Where was the outrage??

The government has been building schools, roads, bridges in Iraq and Afghanistan costing hundreds of billions of dollars, yet when the same proposals are put forth for the same building programs in America, the Republican and Tea Party want to know where the money is going to come from. When the recent storm Irene devastated the northeast and FEMA needed funds for American relief, the Republican and Tea Party couldn’t find money to pay for the relief program for Americans.

The Republican and Tea Parties are willing to look the other way when spending untold and unfunded billions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but when money is needed, desperately needed to help Americans in their time of need, somehow they are suddenly worried about the deficit.

Joe DeMarco, Jay

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