Walls for Supervisor

To the Valley News:

The “WECARE About Essex Committee” is a non-partisan group of Essex citizens that is strongly urging everyone to vote for Frank Walls as Town Supervisor on Nov. 8, because he is: Fiscally competent; a proven successful government manager; a person with strong interpersonal skills; a respected long time volunteer; a believer in maximizing citizen participation and a person that is a team player.

Why did the “WECARE Committee” decide to help elect Frank Walls as the next Town of Essex Supervisor? Simply, Frank is a respected and fair minded highly experienced administrator. We are supporting the election of Frank Walls as our next Town of Essex Supervisor because he will use over 20 years of successful experience in planning, budgeting and managing small and progressively larger work teams while an administrator within the New York City Transit Authority, where he was consistently recognized as an outstanding administrator.

We are supporting Frank Walls to become our next Supervisor because he has the needed management experience and skills to be a successful Supervisor. His ability to function as a fiscal manager, program developer, and responsible supervisor will be important in the coming years.

He is respected and well known for his ambulance and Fire Department volunteer work as well as for his term as Town Assessor. He best represents the Essex spirit of cooperation, consensus building and team work. He is opposed to an adversarial management style, preferring, instead, to work in partnership with citizen groups, employees and the Town Board.

Because Frank Walls will insist on keeping Essex citizens in the information loop and make monthly reports of both progress and problems we need to vote for Frank as our new Town Supervisor on Nov. 8.

James LaForest, Whallonsburg

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