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In response to a letter printed in the Press-Republican on October 18, 2011, by Karen Juhasz, where she says she is responding to my Letter to the Editor September 26th I want people to know I don’t mention names but I must in this case.

I never wrote in any of my letters anything about Mr. Juhasz’s qualifications, why would I, he is not running for office in the Town of Mooers. I did state that an outsider doesn’t want to comply with Town & County Laws. He has been identified by his wife not me.

I personally don’t know Mr. Juhasz and didn’t know who he was until someone told me who he was a couple of weeks ago, so how can she say I’ve treated him in any way. How can you say Supervisor Rudy Miller and Secretary Carol Payne have treated Mr. Juhasz shameful and embarrassing, when all they have asked of him is to fill out a building permit accurately and truthfully. Don’t try to get a Building Permit for one thing then change what you actually are building into something completely different. Don’t try to put a commercial building in a residentially zoned area.

Election Day is November 08,2011, so please remember to vote. When you vote for Supervisor ask yourself one question which candidate would you trust to run your business(“Justin Sample”, a 28 year old out door salesman who is a sports ref. and umpire) or (“Cory Ross”, a man who has run his own business for over 10 years and a resident in the Town of Mooers)? Think before you vote.

Shirley A. Gadway, Mooers

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