Merrihew for Supervisor

To the Editor:

A couple of recent Letters to the Editor have caught my eye and warrant a response.

Barbara Dunsmore, of Lewis, accuses the Elizabethtown Town Board of eliminating public commentary during our meetings. This is not true. Public commentary has always been allowed will continue to be allowed. The only discussion was regarding whether it should be at the beginning or at the end of the meeting.

Barbara also accuses the Board of making comments that were slanderous “fabrications“ regarding Bruce Pushee. No Board member lied about Mr. Pushee. The comments made were regarding issues that had actually occurred and were opinions regarding those issues.

Bruce Pushee’s letter suggests a lack of transparency and communication within our town government. I would strongly disagree with that. Neither the Board, nor Supervisor Merrihew, have any secrets and will sit and talk with everyone who wishes it. Our meetings and the Town Hall are open to all.

I also disagree with Mr. Pushee that personality has nothing to do with being a successful Supervisor. Bruce describes his candidate, Margaret Bartley, as “somewhat bossy“ and not so warm and cuddly, but suggests that’s an asset and it’ll work out.

It’s not an easy job folks. To be an effective Supervisor you must be more leader and mediator than bossy. I would suggest that an intelligent experienced person with a likeable personality, who is able to bring people together and continue to make things happen is what this town needs as Supervisor. Someone who can help bring business like Kinney’s, Family Dollar, and the Ti Credit Union. Someone who can put together water projects, sewer projects, and bridge projects. Someone like Noel Merrihew.

Ken Fenimore, Councilman, Elizabethtown

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