Letter off about Hatch

To the Valley News:

Win Belanger’s letter, “Voting for New faces,” in the Oct. 21, Valley News and Press Republican editorial section gives his opinion but is factually incorrect.

No one refused to work with Essex County IDA on the Willsboro Industrial Park. As it was reported in a town wide mailer.

It was decided by the IDA and the Town not to spend $1,000,000 on sewer pipes until the Willsboro sewer plant could handle the influent.

Belanger states there are no grants for to aid our infrastructure. The town received $58,000 from a State Road Program for its 2011 Road program and they are owed $25,000 from FEMA.

Belanger states that without any question the Town spent $20,000 on the road by the Supervisor’s house. It was part of the road program for 2011, and it included Sanders Road and Sabousin Drive. The total cost less is than $20,000.

Belanger states that the Town is duplicating the Comprehensive Plan Program by spending $7,500 on how the Town should look. Again he is incorrect. There was $7,500 set aside into a special account to be a part of the Gate Way Grant for stabilizing and sprucing up the Willsboro section of the Boquet river banks.

Yes, there was a $20,000 cost over run on new tennis courts to solve a soil condition that was not the Contractor’s fault. The choice was pay the contractor or go to court. The funds for the over runs on tennis courts and the river bank project come from the $27,500 owed by the expired Noble Wood Park Grant to General Fund. Belanger says that Ed Hatch is trying to take away people’s voting rights. No one is trying to take away anyone’s voting rights. The Board is asking the voters if they would like to change the Highway Superintendent position from an elected to an appointed position in 2014. Mr. Belanger was mainly responsible for stopping the voter’s rights in the Nov. 8 election on the issue.

Remember all of these issues were voted by a unanimous vote of the Town Board.

Nancy P. Hatch, Willsboro

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