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Halloween is just around the corner now, the start of the holiday season and unfortunately for many, the holiday weight gain. Do you have a plan all the candy your kids will be bringing home, or a plan to battle the Halloween candy bowl at the office? How about the quality of the treats you will be giving out? All things to consider that can make a big difference.

Halloween is something that most children are really excited about and really excited about all the “CANDY” they will be getting. Well, how about you make a plan with your children? When they bring home all of their treats, go through it as a family, which you should anyway to inspect for safety purposes. But, ask your children which is their favorite. Allow them to go through and sort out their favorites and throw the rest away. That’s right, why keep it around? Then, put the candy, that together you have decided to keep, away for treats.

As an adult you may be tempted by Halloween candy and other treats lying around at the office and even at home. This is where will power comes in. Ask yourself “Is it really worth it?” “Really?”

Remember, it is okay to have a treat once in a while, but at this time of year especially, “once in a while turns” into a lot more often, and all those once in a whiles add up to extra pounds of fat on your body. Not a good thing. So, be honest with yourself. Then, step away from the candy dish.

Now, what are you planning on giving out for Halloween treats? Try to health it up a little by giving out healthier treat options like individually-wrapped packages of pretzels, raisins, yogurt covered raisins, craisins, or Halloween-shaped crackers. I personally usually go for the pretzels. They come packaged in cute orange and black bags decorated for Halloween, and the pretzels are in cute Halloween shapes.

Enjoy your Halloween as an adult and with your kids. Make it more about the experience, less about the candy. Have fun, be safe and have a healthy Halloween.

Corinna Maggy is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist offering private personal training, classes, and weight management programs. She can be reached at 605-3549 or corinnamaggy@yahoo.com.

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