What is the happiest moment you can remember in life?

Evin Morehouse

“I remember when I went to see my sister at the hospital. Her name is Leah. She is so cute.”

Madison Buck

Mrs. Mosher's JCS second grade:

“When I went on the big roller coaster with my dad.”

Ethan Dunbar

“When I went to the Great Escape with just my dad.”

Alex Thomas

“When my dog tried to jump out the window.”

David Moak

“When I got my dog, Riley.”

Brock Quillan

“When I got to go to Ethan's house to ride his horse.”

Gage LaMott

“When Ethan came to my party and we played outside with my new presents.”

Jordan Colon

“When I went mudding with my dad yesterday at Gregg's pit.”

Harley Dick

Mrs. Watson's JCS third grade:

“The happiest moment of my life was when I found out that I had a cousin. His name is Domicek. I did not know I am an aunt to him. He is eight weeks old. I love my cousin.

Mariya Dunkley

“The happiest moment I can remember is the first day coming here. I was excited about coming here on the first day we went to school.”

Noah Moffitt

“The happiest moment of my life was when my family went to Prince Edward Island is because we go to a really awesome ice cream place in New Hampshire. I like to see the rental house.”

Ryan Morris

“The happiest moment I can remember was going to Niagara Falls. It was so much fun. We took pictures. I saw a large waterfall. We stayed in a hotel. My Grandma and I swam in the heated pool and sat in the hot tub.”

Phoebe Glover

“The happiest moment I can remember is the first time I played with my cousin's dog. We played fetch all evening! The dog's name is Nellie. She is a mutt. I mostly have to play with her at my Grandma's house. My Uncle often brings her over because he works with my Grandpa. Sometimes, while waiting for the bus, I play with Nellie ... my favorite dog.”

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