Schools could share supers

To the News Enterprise:

I sure had a good laugh after reading your editorial about sharing school services. The quotes by the local superintendents are sincere, I'm sure, but do they realize that they contribute greatly to our out-of-control school budgets?

If they truly wanted to share services, they would begin with themselves. Let one superintendent work at North Warren on Monday, Schroon Lake on Tuesday, Hague on Wednesday, Bolton Landing on Thursday, Newcomb on Friday and so on. I can't imagine this working with larger schools such as Queensbury, but come on, these small schools have had declining student populations for two decades.

With today's advances in communications, cell phones, e-mail and such, an important decision could be made via one of these avenues if needed. This would drop school expenditures dramatically.

The highest-paid person in these small towns is typically the school superintendent — $140,000 plus typically, without counting the perks. This is just plain wrong! And honestly for what? Can you imagine being a fly on their wall. All these duties were handled by a single principal not long ago. If these positions are mandated by the state, then change the mandate. It is that simple.

A recent study I read showed that most graduates could not pass a basic eighth-grade history test from the 1950s. I recently asked a few simple questions to a 2009 graduate. What a joke. He had never heard of Fidel Castro, nor could he tell me where Cuba was located! I guess the Bay of Pigs would have really sent him over the wall.

Paul Montgomery, Chestertown

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