Olson has skills, optimism needed in Horicon

To the Adirondack Journal:

Fellow Democrats: Each time a local election year rolls around, we Democrats are left out of the primary process, and seldom do we, or any other voter, regardless of party, get a choice of candidates in the general election. This is not even a “one party” system; it is virtually an autocracy.

While I stand firmly behind my Democratic principles, I am delighted that this year we all get a choice as to who will be our local leaders, and my choice is Bob Olson for the Town Supervisor position.

I have known Bob, Jean and family for some 40-odd years. I worked with Bob on the original Master Plan for Zoning/Planning. To be sure, Bob and I don't always agree on party ideologies on the national level. However, I know Bob wants what is best for the Town of Horicon, as do I.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Bob is not pushing a "pave over the park" agenda. However, this Town, all its residents and the tax base could stand sustainable growth: small shops, professional offices, affordable housing, perhaps a bed and breakfast. We need to keep our young from leaving town and keep our seniors in their own homes, giving all some form of recreation and employment.

And if we are to draw visitors to our community, it would be nice for them to have a place to stay a night or two, and something to do while they are here.

As event coordinator for Horicon Day 2011, I had the privilege of working with Bob Olson in putting together what most would say was a successful and entertaining event. Despite other comments to the contrary, this event was paid for with the use of bed tax monies received from Warren County.

Horicon needs a zoning code that is enforced fairly and uniformly. Also, we need a whole lot less half-truths, innuendos and divisive statements and actions, and lots more optimism about what the future holds for Horicon. We have a beautiful town, great people, and I believe Bob is the man to lead us into the future with that needed optimism and thoughtfulness about what will enhance our town.

Bob needs our help. Together we can do better, much better! Please look for Bob's name on both the Republican and "Do Better" party lines.

Maureen E. Wilson

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