Election Day basics

To the Times of Ti:

As Election Day approaches it is important for us to get back to the basics and remember where all the recent controversy started. The true issues have been lost of late. The facts have been blurred with the introduction of side issues.

The issues are not about the number of assessors or the fairness of their assessments. Yes, there are issues about personal friendships, family relationships, vendettas, conflicts between personalities, innuendo and/or rumor. But the core issue is the loss of the most important and precious right we have as Americans — the right to vote on issues that directly affect us. There has not been an acceptable and legitimate reason given for the denial of that right up to this point that has satisfied all the citizens of Crown Point. That is a fact.

The only other issue to be considered should be — are our tax dollars being used correctly and efficiently? There is documented evidence to show that almost $20,000 of our money has been wasted because of inappropriate actions taken by the present administration. That is a fact.

We still do have the full right to vote on Nov. 8. Anger, controversy, chaos and turmoil are not a healthy environment for good government. If you want a change from that, please take the facts and only the facts into consideration and vote for the direction in which you want to see Crown Point go.

Remember to vote for Harrington, Mazurowski and Peters. Again, we offer rides to those who need one.

We’ll see you at the polls, friends.

Harold and Nancy Spaulding, Crown Point

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