Bullying is unacceptable

To The Times of Ti:

Last spring the Crown Point Central School had a talent show that was open to students of all ages and talents. It was a wonderful evening presenting everything from solo instrumentals and songs, group dance, ballroom dance, and comedic skits, to rappers.

Included in the talent show was a power-point presentation by Miss (Laura) Uhly, the health and family consumer science teacher. It was a series of appearances by some very brave CPCS students who shared from their hearts how hurtful it was for them to be bullied by other students. Miss Uhly used this program to introduce a curriculum of anti-bullying that was to begin in the fall semester of this year. She also announced that CPCS will have a no bullying policy throughout the school.

I think that these are excellent goals for the school to have. However, I believe that the learning and education of a child begins in the home, taught by their parents, and are perhaps the strongest lessons they will carry with them throughout life.

It is difficult for me to imagine the success of an anti-bullying program being taught at the school when children return home to parents who are teaching them to bully others. Many adults in town have displayed huge painted signs calling people “stooges,” calling others “arrogant,” putting signs on the side of their trucks saying a certain person is “so ignorant.” There are Crown Point adults who write public letters saying that people are “communists,” “dictators” and “tyrants.” These are flagrant displays of bullying.

I would like to include the Merriam-Webster definition of flagrant : conspicuously offensive; especially : so obviously inconsistent with what is right or proper as to appear to be a flouting of law or morality.

These actions are coming from people who are teaching children and other adults that bullying is an acceptable behavior. I don’t think a school policy can nullify that damage. How can we expect children to act like adults when adults act like children?

Laurie Harvey, Crown Point

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