Voting for new faces

To the Valley News:

How long can we afford stagnant, misguided leadership and an attempt to take away our right to vote? Without the slightest attempt to work with the Essex County IDA for grants, Willsboro’s Industrial Park project was stopped. There has not been one mention during the council meetings about filling our empty buildings or applying for grants to aid our infrastructure. Yet $20,000 was spent without question on a road by the supervisor’s house. Was that really the best place to spend it? No one asked. A grant for a youth ball park produced only a "tennis court" with a $20,000 overrun.

The Comprehensive Plan is under way but $7,500 was spent to look at how our town should look? Twenty-plus residents are doing just that under a current grant. Seems like duplication with our tax dollars.

Mr. Hatch wants to appoint our Highway Superintendent. Mr. Hatch stated that, “under an appointment, the town board would have control over the operations.” New York State law states; “Whether elected or appointed, the superintendent is an independent town officer with powers independent of the town board to employ and direct employees to carry out his statutory responsibilities.”

Mr. Hatch, what is next, an appointed Town Clerk?

I want my right to vote, not give it to you. I want my tax dollar spent wisely. I want our public buildings to have sewer and our residents to have more places to shop and work.

I will vote for our future, Lane Sayward, Susan Swires and Shaun Gillilland, you should too.

Win Belanger, Willsboro

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