Support for the Jobs Act

Americans, please get involved with the most important issues affecting our country today: the economy and need for job creation.

I am writing each member of Congress to urge the quick passage of the Jobs Act of 2011. My conversation with fellow Americans indicate we are tired of the posturing and “eloquence” of the opposition to moral and ethical values — in other words, ways to help less fortunate Americans live better lives. All Americans should have access to a reasonable quality of life.

Let’s work hard to move America to the ranks of the Middle East, where there are two classes: the rich and the poor. Congress is doing a great job toward that end.

Democrats, fight harder to demonstrate the value of your ideals and compromise reasonably.

Republicans, your “mandate” to balance the budget on the backs of middle class/poor/senior Americans due to the 2010 election has paled somewhat. Congressional ratings are at an all-time low, and the increase in Republican legislators has had time to lift that negative perception without success.

Many people are sick of intractable ideology that overlooks the real problems of this country: jobs, the economy and balancing the budget.

Remember that article by Warren Buffett? He is one example of an affluent individual saying he will pay more in taxes to make an impact on the budget and the economy.

Congress, stop worrying about politics and do something good for the American people.

I know that’s never going to happen. Instead, Americans will have to listen to “concerns” about the Jobs Act and watch congressional members attempt to postpone, modify or kill the act so the president cannot claim credit for a strong jobs plan during an election cycle.

Surprise the American people: Do something in our best interest and pass the bill.

Colleen Downs, Elizabethtown

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