Support for Bartley

To the Valley News:

I would like to thank Ben Morris, Mike Doyle, Evelyn Hatch and Jim Phillips for throwing their hats into the political arena running for Elizabethtown Town Board. Their potential commitment to Elizabethtown is appreciated, but more importantly, giving us a choice.

Margaret Bartley is running for Elizabethtown Supervisor. Maggie would bring transparency to Elizabethtown government. She would continue to film the Town Board meetings and publish the monthly summary. As supervisor, she would appoint liaisons to the various organizations and expect their report at the town board meetings. Presently, we have little to no communication with these various organizations and by expecting dialog, we all can move forward collectively in a positive manner for the betterment of Elizabethtown.

Maggie has worked tirelessly on countless organizations and committees in Elizabethtown. She is consistent, fair and able to process while looking forward.

Maggie and I are not always on the same side of issues, however, it’s been my experience that she is able to listen to all opinions, process the facts, and come up with a intelligent decision agreeable to most. This is a great attribute given today’s political climate.

Maggie is bright, responsible, generous, organized, professional and somewhat bossy. Warm and cuddly is not my perception of Maggie, but by the same token others who perceive kindness as a weakness won’t intimate her. She will run a tight ship and at the County level, Elizabethtown will be first and foremost.

Electing the right candidate shouldn’t be a personality contest. Maggie has the time to devote and moreover the wherewithal to make a difference. No longer should politicians be allowed to favor a few at the expense of the rest. This is the opportunity for a positive change.

Bruce Pushee, Elizabethtown

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