Stay focused Crown Point

Because of the nature of politics, I expect the possibility of personal attacks on the new candidates. It could get ugly. Please do not play that game. Stay focused on Kosmider’s and Dushane’s vote against you.

I’d like to comment on Dick Clark’s Sept. 23 letter. My convictions were substantiated; he thinks you are too stupid to be trusted with your vote. I love it when people try to defend elitism. They reveal so much about themselves. They believe they can make much better decisions for you than you can make for yourselves. My faith is in you.

In ending, I just want you all to know I take no pleasure in writing these letters. I wish they were letters of congratulations instead of criticisms. I’d rather be working in the yard or fishing. Unfortunately the letters are what they are because our situation is what it is.

Remember in November. Vote them out.

May God bless and guide us all to make the right decisions.

John Capek, Crown Point

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