Stay focused Crown Point

To the Times of Ti:

I would like to start by thanking all who participated in the recent primary. You made it a terrific turnout. Thanks to those who made and posted signs, made phone calls, gave rides to those in need, the candidates and especially the voters. You exercised one of our most important rights, the right to vote, regardless of who you voted for.

A few days before the primary, an ad appeared in the Times of Ti comparing the tax assessments of assessors’ properties to the assessments of other people’s properties. After the primary, another ad appeared in the same paper concerning a parcel owned by one of those assessors. These two ads were paid for by the Interested Taxpayers of Crown Point. I applaud you for your interest. But who are you? Are you one person? Or, as rumor has it, three people, two of whom are board members? Or are you a larger group? Put your names out there like the rest of us. Don’t hide behind an alias.

It’s quite apparent that you are trying to smear the assessors and those associated with them. In case you don’t know it, the assessors are not the issue. The assessors are gone; it’s a done deal. I see these ads as an attempt to distract Crown Point voters from the real issue. In the case, the “VOTE.” Stay focused, my fellow Crown Point voters; they are trying to use your emotions to their advantage; in essence to get re-elected to make decisions you don’t agree with.

We have the general election on Nov. 1 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. I hope you will join together as one voice and exercise your right to vote; it’s a freedom we can’t afford to lose. Please vote out those responsible for daring to interfere with this right. Remember also, this is not a party issue. Members of all parties were affected. This despicable act was dealt to all of us.

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