Buy American to support Americans

To the News Enterprise:

Plain and simple, it is sickening to see all these people driving Japanese cars and trucks.

God, people, wake up! Support our country, buy American!

And don’t give me the line that your Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc. is assembled here and it supports American workers.

Even though true to a very small percent, you are supporting corporate Japan by over 80 percent, not our economy. These are indisputable facts, read and get informed!

Buy American and over 80 percent comes to our economy, our country.

Don’t support Japanese corporations. They do nothing for us; they do not buy our cars or trucks!

Shame on you people! The quality of American cars and trucks is just as good or better than the Japanese stuff.

I encourage people to not support Japan. Buy American and support people who buy American!

Wake up! It’s like saying my vote does not count! Every car and truck counts. Come on! Learn the facts!

Brian Passaglia, Johnsburg

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