Bentley’s the proven, experienced candidate

To the Adirondack Journal:

On Election Day, Nov. 8, the Town of Horicon is poised to continue its forward momentum or take a step backwards.

Do the voters support an unproven candidate, or do they re-elect a supervisor with a record of accomplishment who has served the residents of Horicon and Warren County with integrity and distinction?

In this election, the slogan “we can do better” is simply empty rhetoric, void of any power coming from a challenger without any compelling experience. This is no time to experiment with leadership, but rather a time to support a proven supervisor.

In our economy, rivaling that of the Great Depression, pie-in-the-sky promises for growth and development sound appealing but must be tempered with a wholesome dose of reality. Nationally, everyone has heard the promises for hope and change. Tragically, most Americans are now asking, “Are we now better off?” The Town of Horicon can confidently say that under Supervisor Ralph Bentley, we are better off right now!

In short, the Town of Horicon under Supervisor Ralph Bentley is virtually debt-free, unlike numerous municipalities in our state. We enjoy the lowest combined taxes in Warren County and we can unequivocally state that our town is well-positioned to take advantage of the recovery when it arrives.

This is not the time to jettison quality leadership and prudent economic policy in favor of feel-good proposals that simply aren’t reflective of our current economic reality.

Residents of Horicon and the Adirondack Park can’t afford to be fooled by cheap and easy slogans. Wisdom demands we support lifelong Republican Ralph Bentley for Supervisor of the Town of Horicon on the Independent line.

Joseph E. Simpson, Town of Horicon

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