Apology needed

To the Editor:

I have been reading the column written by Dan Alexander each week, and wonder if people are really listening and responding to these comments. In recent perspective of voting and our attitudes about this right also brings to mind previous views on integrity and forthrightness of our elected officials, and the formation of an ethics committee to address these concerns.

The purpose of “Elected” board members is to represent the public and voice community concerns with some measure of leadership from the elected Supervisor. In Elizabethtown we are now informed that there will be no room for either public comment nor reading of letters or statements into the record. To effectively close dialogue is an affront to the constituents who elected them to office.

To be short, there were unfounded accusatory statements made at an open Town Board meeting by the Supervisor and affirmed by the Board (save one) that publicly maligned an outstanding member of this community; namely Bruce Pushee. This man has built a more than 20 year reputation based on his honesty, integrity, and community efforts both in his professional and personal life. These remarks were borderline slander and based on innuendo and fabrications. He holds himself, indeed, so does the Board of Realtors, to much higher standards than elected public officials.

Being proven to be wrong in all respects, a total retraction and public apology by this Board is more than in order and should be demanded.

In reflection before voting, I would urge all of us to examine this behavior and take seriously the repercussions of such attitudes.

Barbara Dunsmore, Elizabethtown

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