In support of Ralph Bentley

To Adirondack Journal:

As a resident of Horicon, I believe some of the many accomplishments supervisor Ralph Bentley has made during his reign should be noted.

Under has watch Ralph directed the Planning Board to create a Comprehensive Plan for Horicon. Under the Chairman’s guidance we received a grant to hire a professional Planner and a local design engineering group. After three years of effort the Plan was completed and sent to the APA, who approved it.

Now we are slowly melding the aspects of the CP into our current regulations and considering the recommended site design for the centers of our two hamlets, Adirondack and Brant Lake. Ralph has recognized that Brant Lake is the Town's most valuable asset and has partnered with our local neighborhood associations to control the invasive weed, Eurasion Water Milfoil. Although it took more than a decade, this Summer that goal was met.

Just recently, Ralph sponsored a bill through the Warren County Board of Supervisors to make it illegal to transport any invasive species from any lake in the County. This has now become the law.

Hopefully, Albany’s legislators will adopt the same law for all of NYS. Congratulations to Ralph and the County’s Board of Supervisors for leading the way to have clean lakes throughout the entire Adirondacks.

R. Douglas Paton, Horicon

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